Monday, March 30, 2015

2015 Swaps and Challenges

March    Pincushion Swap
Walnut shells for pincushions available at the 3/5/15 meeting.  Make a pincushion to swap in any style you wish.  Check Pinterest for ideas.

April       Ugly Fat Quarter Exchange and sign up for May Rainbow Charm Swap
·       Please bring an ugly fat quarter to swap.  You are challenge to use it in a small project and bring it to the May meeting to be eligible for a prize.
·       You can sign-up this month for the Rainbow Charm Swap.  If you want to participate you will sign up for one of the colors of the rainbow.  Next month you will bring a charm square for each person in the swap in the color you signed up for.  This means if 7 quilters sign up for 7 different colors, each of us will bring 7 charm squares and we will take home 7 charm squares in each color.  You can use a print, but when you look at the fabric it should read the color you were assigned.

May        Rainbow Charm Swap
·       Bring your project made with the ugly fat quarter from last month to be eligible for a prize.
·       Last month we assigned a color of the rainbow to each person that wants to participate.  You will bring a 5” charm square in your color for each person participating in this swap.  You are now challenged to use the charm squares in a project.  You have until the September meeting to complete this challenge.
·       Pass out zip lock bags/directions for June’s Scrap Bag Swap.

June         Scrap Bag Swap
You will make a scrap bag of fabrics and notions that you like from your stash.  Scraps can be a mixture of different size strips and pieces, or 4 fat quarters.  Need at least a yard of fabric in your bag.  Notions can be buttons, bias tape, lace, etc.  Make sure you love what is in your bag because you will be getting it back.  We will swap scrap bags with each other.  The quilter who picks your bag will be making you a mini quilt, which will be your gift at the Holiday Party.

July            Quilted Christmas Ornament or Community Outreach Fidget Quilt Challenge
Christmas in July, make a Christmas ornament to swap.  Check Pinterest to get some ideas.

August       Pattern Swap
Bring patterns that you have made or no longer want to swap.

September  Rainbow Charm Challenge
·       At the May meeting we exchanged 5” charm squares in the color of the rainbow.  Now bring your completed project to our meeting to be eligible for a prize.
·       To get ready for our October swap, each member will write down their favorite color.  During the meeting we will draw a name.  Next month you will bring two fat quarters for your person in their favorite color. 

October     Favorite Color Swap
                              This month you will receive two fat quarters in your favorite color.

November   No meeting

December   Mini Quilt Challenge using Scrap Bag Swap
Back in June you made a bag of scraps/notions for another guild member to make a great holiday gift just for you.  You will love your new mini quilt, because you picked the fabric.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Charleston Modern Quilt Guild Minutes of March 2015 Meeting

Charleston Modern Quilt Guild Meeting: March 24, 2015
Kelly, president, started the meeting by introducing new member, Debbie who just moved from Delaware.  Kelly announced the agenda for the meeting to include business, committee meetings, swap and show and tell.

QuiltCon recap on Sew Mama Sew blog. This site has photos of every quilt in the show along with details on the maker. 
Kelly announced that we will have a giveaway table at every meeting now if you have anything that you can’t use and would like to share. 
Jenn Kingwell, fabric/pattern designer, author from Australia will be teaching multiple classes in North Carolina this summer.  The details can be found on May Chappell’s blog. 

UpComing Events:
April 11th Sew Day will be the sew together bag. There is no cost for the class, but you have to purchase and bring in your own pattern. Please sign up if you will be joining the group.  Doors will open at 8:30 and we will start at 9:00am. An information sheet was passed out and will be posted with the minutes. The guild has a Pinterest board of examples if you would like some inspiration.  Lynn and Kelly will help guide you in the process since they have made several of these.
April 28th will be the next guild meeting. At this meeting the swap will be ugly fabric. There is a challenge component with this swap also. The challenge will be to make something with the ugly fabric you receive and bring it to the next meeting. There will be a prize. 

Committee groups met and shared updates:
The swap committee created a list of the swaps for the remainder of the year so the guild can plan ahead. (See below). Also, great news, the pincushion swap had 13 participants out of the 16 at tonight’s meeting. 
Community service asked for suggestions for partners for charity quilts.  Let them know if you have any ideas.

The programming committee announced that there will be a tips and trends segment in each meeting and also a teaching segment during the meetings. These will be short informative segments. There will be a class at every other sew day and the group is looking for a big name teacher to come in once a year. Victoria Findlay Wolf is available in October 2016 for a six hour class, so the committee is looking into this option. 

Tips, Tricks and Trends
Lynn introduced how this will work at each meeting and explained that it is a short five minute talk or visual presentation—short and sweet.  This will be kept current and modern. 
  • Trends that were discussed: solids, fabric for multiple uses- ex. Quilting cotton for apperal, batiks thanks to Alison Glass.
  • Book update- Sherry Lynn Wood’s book will be out soon and our own Kim has  a quilt feathered on Sherry’s blog right now. Modern Rainbow book and A Modern Twist by Angela Walters are some other interesting new releases. 
  • Blogs- talked about Anna Maria Horner’s blog and the thoughtful, well written posts that go along with her work.
  • Patterns- Presale of the Betsy Travel Bag is available through Kelly’s web magazine Whipercrafter.

Swap took place- pincushions.

Show and tell:
Phoebe shared a quilt top she completed entirely during the last sew day, a king size top made of African Dutch wax prints. She also completed a mini in Geri’s improve class from a score in Sheri Lynn Wood’s new book. She used fabric she purchased at the first QuiltCon and an applique of a cat from the last QuiltCon by Lotta. She did not use binding, but finished it envelope-style and hand-quilted it. 

Lynn modeled a dress she made and shared shorts she made for her little boy. She also showed a quilt top she made using a layer cake with half square triangles. She said she is busy getting tops ready because her long arm will be delivered next week.  

Tami told about her quilt shop hop while visiting Seattle.

Alice shared a completed Shasiko pillow from a kit she found at QuiltCon. She showed a baby quilt top of pinwheels that she found inspiration from Kelly’s book. Alice completed a mini with a chevron pattern and quilted it using Jenn Kingwell’s technique of cross stitches. In addition to all of this she also shared a completed quilt top with a more traditional 1930’s pattern, but she added a border that really made it modern. Finally, she showed the group a busy hands quilt for Alzheimer’s patients that has various textures and items such as buttons and velcro to keep their hands busy. She said that this is something we may do for charity quilts. 

Carol shared her seaglass quilt which she quilted using a wavy stitch with varying stitch length.

Keri finished block number 3 of the Camelot pattern by Trish Harper and shared a block from a Craftsy block of month project.  Keri also decided to try cross stitch and shared her work on Stitchers Alphabet that will have beading added to it.

Kim showed off her Supernova quilt that was done with Amy. They each made half of the blocks for each other's quilts.  They each took one of the colorways from Pat Bravo’s Rock and Romance line by Art Gallery and choose different background fabric.   Kim changed the pattern and added borders to the blocks.  She also surprised Amy with a pillow she made for her using scraps from the project and Amy’s background fabric.

Jackie made a fabric bucket from an Ellison Lane pattern for SewSouth and brought in Tula’s new Elizabeth line to show the group.

Debbie shared a paper pieced circle quilt. This quilt had quite a story. She had the kit for six years before trying it out in a class. It took four months to paper piece it and then when she moved it was misplace for four months. The movers had hidden it behind bolts of fabric.

Linda told the group about the SC Quilters Guild that meets twice a year and encouraged others to join. 

The meeting was closed at 8:09.

The pincushion swap! All super cute!

 Phoebe's huge quilt!
Phoebe's mini quilt:
Lynn's layer cake half-square triangle quilt:
 Lynn's dress:
Alice's Sashiko pillow:
 Alice's baby quilt inspired by Kelly's book:
Alice's mini chevron quilted with cross stitches ala Jenn Kingwell:
Alice's traditional 30s fabrics quilt made modern with modern border:
 Alice's busy hands quilt sample for Alzheimers patients:
 Carol's seaglass quilt front:
 Carol's seaglass quilt back:
 Keri's Camelot block #3:
 Keri's Camelot blocks #1 and #2:
 Keri's first block from a Craftsy mystery quilt...
 And she is trying a very ambitious cross stitch alphabet project!
 Kim's Supernova quilt front:
 Kim's Supernova quilt back:
And the surprise pillow she made for Amy:
Jackie's fabric bucket for SewSouth: (i think a swap...?)
Or newest member, Debbie's complex paper-pieced quilt:

Thursday, March 12, 2015

2015 Calendar


(normally the fourth Tuesday of the month)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sew Days:

Saturday, March 21, 2015
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Saturday, May 16, 2015
Saturday, June 20, 2015
Saturday, July 18, 2015
Saturday, August 15, 2015
Saturday, September 19, 2015
Saturday, October 17, 2015
Saturday, November 21, 2015
Saturday, December 12, 2015

February Meeting (held March 5 due to weather) Minutes

Charleston Modern Quilt Guild Meeting- March 5, 2015
Kelly, president, started the meeting by introducing two guests—one from Sumter, SC and one from Manning, SC.

  • The National Quilt Guild in Paducah, KY is having a contest for their 25th anniversary.  More details found here.
  • The Texas Quilt Museum is accepting entries for a juried modern quilt exhibit.  The details for this event can be found on The Modern Quilt Guild blog.
  • Quiltcon will now be every year. QuiltCon 2016 will be held in Pasadena, CA (Keynote: Gwen Marston) and QuiltCon 2017 in Savannah, GA (Keynote: Angela Walters). 
  • Social Media- Charleston Modern Quilt Guild is on Instagram @charlestonmodernquiltguild; use hashtag #charlestonmodernquiltguild.  There are lots of photos from QuiltCon that use this hashtag.  CMQG also has a Pinterest account where we will pin inspiration for swaps and other projects.  Facebook will be the main location for information about meetings and other events. 
  • Postcards- Sandy put together a postcard for the guild; this will be placed in local quilt shops and other locations to help get the word out about the CMQG. 
Committee Chairs:
Kelly announced the committee chairs.
  • Geri- Community Service
  • Alice- Swaps and challenges
  • Lynn- Programming and Special Events
All guild members should sign up for one of these committees.  The goal will be to have a calendar of events for the year so the group will be aware and be able to keep up. If you missed the meeting, please email Kelly ( to sign up for a committee.

Budget and Additional Votes:
  • Jackie gave a financial overview and passed out the budget to the members.  The proposed budget includes $100 for Community Service / Outreach, $200 for Programming, $100 for Swaps, and $200 for operating costs.  Phoebe made a motion for approval and it was seconded by Geri.  Unanimously approved.
  • Kelly said that the address on the bylaws is an old address and proposed that the address be removed in case of meeting location changes in the future. Phoebe made a motion for approval, seconded by Kim and it was unanimously approved.
  • Kelly said that the bylaws say that there are quarterly meetings of the executive board and the proposal is to change this to two meetings annually.  Phoebe made a motion for approval, seconded by Jackie and it was unanimously approved.
Meeting Dates:

  • The next Sew Day will be March 21 from 9am to 4pm.  There will be no class, but those who went to QuiltCon will talk about their QC classes and have a show and tell during lunch if anyone is interested.  If you plan to attend Sew Day, please sign up (or email Kelly). We also need volunteers to bring ironing boards/irons, and cutting tools for the group to use.
  • The next guild meeting will be Tuesday, March 24th at 6:30 pm; doors will open at 6:00 pm if you want to do any handwork before the meeting.  
  • The Sew Day on April 11th will be a class; Kelly will teach the Sew Together Bag pattern.  More information about signups for this class will be sent out to the membership via email. All participants will be required to purchase their own copy of the pattern through or another vendor. Some prep work will be required.

Alice lead a turquoise fat quarter swap at the meeting. Lots of great fabric was swapped!

There will be a handmade pincushion swap at the next meeting.  Alice provided crushed walnut shells for everyone to use in their cushions.  This will be a random swap; each pincushion will be put in a brown paper bag; if you bring a pincushion, you select another bag at random. 

Slide Show:
Geri presented the QuiltCon photo slideshow that Lynn put together and talked about the quilts seen at the show, including many made by CMQG members.  Phoebe had two in the show, Kim had one, and the guild had both a charity quilt and a group quilt.

Show and Tell:

Kim shared her quilt called Lowcountry Sunset.  She was a tester of a "score" from Sheri Lynn Wood's her new book, and this was the quilt she made.  She said the process of sewing with a loose set of instructions (a "score") was very interesting; a video was supplied to help the testers through the process.

 Kim's Lowcountry Sunset
Jennifer shared her finished large hexie quilt and the quilt top from Geri’s improve class. 

Jennifer's large hexie quilt
Jennifer's improv quilt top
Phoebe shared a scarf she made of voile and jersey, and a project bag she made using extra blocks from the quilt she was given as an outgoing president.  She then shared a quilt she made from Geri’s Unconventional quilt class and explained that she used parts from two other quilts she knew she would never finish.  Then she showed the group her souvenir from Quiltcon, a cross stitch flying geese tattoo.
Phoebe's voile and jersey infinity scarf
 Phoebe's hand quilted bag from leftover blocks.

 Phoebe's quilt made from Geri's improv class
Kelly shared a mini from a pattern that is available on her web magazine, The Whippercrafter.
 Kelly's mini quilt from WhipperCrafter
Jackie shared a pillow she made for the Holiday swap.  Then she shared a book and templates from Victoria Findlay Wolf that she got after assisting in one of her Quiltcon classes.
 Jackie's pillow from a holiday swap

 Victoria Findlay Wolf book, 15 Minutes of Play
Amy shared a mini Aerial Grove quilt that she made for a swap. This is a mini-version of a Carolyn Friedlander pattern.

 Amy's mini Aerial Grove Quilt

Geri shared Victoria Findlay Wolf's new book on double wedding ring quilts and Sherry Lynn Wood's new improv book.
Geri shared 2 books
Carol, a new member to the group, shared a white yo yo quilt that she made. 
Carol's white yo-yo quilt
 Rena, a guest, brought her first modern quilt to share.
Rena's first modern quilt

the back

Linda announced that the Cobblestone Guild will be hosting a tote bag class with Elenor Leuie.

Carly, a guest, shared info about using Adobe Ideas to plan out quilting ideas.

Committee Meetings:

Members met with their committees for a preliminary planning session for the year, and the meeting was adjourned.