Friday, October 21, 2016

September 2016 meeting minutes

Lynn opened meeting by welcoming everyone and we introduced ourselves to our guest, Connie.  23 members in attendance.  We then had committee meetings and came back to update membership on what’s happening in each group:

Swaps & Challenges Committee:  Tonight helps to finish us off for the year with this group.  During the meeting we will swap for used gadgets and draw names for the holiday party swap.  This year for the party swap we will be making the Undercover Makers Mat for each other.  Everyone brought the fabric for the front/back of their mat. If you didn’t bring your fabric please do so at the October meeting.  Kim did forget to mention our yearlong Challenge, where we will take one thing we wanted to work on this year to improve our skills (i.e. Machine Quilting) and to complete projects on to do list.  The deadline will be at our January meeting and the Challenge notebook will be at the next meeting.

Community Service Committee:  Our Pulse quilt has been mailed to Orlando.

Plans have been made to send our last Quilt Con Charity Quilt to the Magdalene House in Summerville which is a recovery home for women.  We also want to collection some houseware items, quilts, sewing machines, etc. for them.  Also we had scraps left over from our Pulse quilt, maybe we can make them into log cabin blocks.  Sandy, Kim, Whitner, Alice and Iliana presented ideas to the group for the Quilt Con 2017 Charity Quilt.  We will be making Whitner’s design at the next Sew Day on October 15, 2016.  Details will be emailed to the members.

Programs Committee:  Members have requested bringing in Carolyn Friedlander or Victoria Wolfe Finlay as a teacher for our guild maybe in late 2017.  We are looking for talent in our own guild who we teach during a meeting (10 minutes).  Also, we would like to take 5 minutes during meetings and have a member to tell us about herself and her quilting adventure, maybe a little trunk show.  If you are interested, please contact Lynn.

Our program tonight was offered by Iliana who showed us a great way to make Cathedral Windows on the sewing machine.  It was great.  Thank you Iliana.

Show & Tell:
Phoebe made a Row by Row quilt for her Mom and the dress she was wearing made with the Willow Pattern.

Marybeth has been busy with Bow Ties for her dachshund Jingle Bell, pillowcase, an Envelope label and a T-shirt quilt for a friend, which she designed.

Cheryl finished her No Latitude quilt from Latifah Saafir’s class last June and a Rainbow quilt.

Linda showed us her Heron quilt and a Jelly Roll quilt.

Delynne made a gorgeous Hexagon pillow and we have asked for a sew day with this project from her.

Whitner made these cute Little Piggy and Kangaroo.  The shirt she was wearing is from a pattern called Painted Portrait by Anna Maria Horner.

Tammy told us about her trip to Washington where she took a class with Katie Pedersen and her visit at the Circa 15 Fabric Store.

Alice showed the blocks from her 100 blocks in a 100 days.

Carol finished her Succulents quilt from quilt camp.

Gloria has a new son-in-law.

Iliana showed so many quilts, we couldn’t keep up.

Lynn finished her House quilt with blocks made during a family vacation and a baby quilt.

Five Eighth Seams is offering a bus to Savanah for Quilt Con 2017.  The cost will be $30 or less depending on the turn out.  Please contact the shop for more information.

Sew Day October 15, 2016 at Heritage Trust Bank at 847 Coleman Blvd.  All members are asked to attend to help with making a charity quilt for QuiltCon. 

Next meeting will be October 25, 2016.  Doors open at 6 pm and meeting starts at 6:30 pm.

Dates/plans for our November and December meeting will be announced at the next guild meeting.