Tuesday, August 16, 2016

July 2016 meeting minutes


Lynn went to visit the quilts that were on display during the 1 year anniversary of the unthinkable act that took place at Mother Emmanuel Church. The display included two made by the Charleston Modern Quilt Guild. Seeing the quilts on display and seeing how people were reacting to seeing the names and where the blocks were sent from and then realizing that the quilting was Amazing Grace inspired her to reach out to the Modern Guild and see if a display would be possible. Lynn announced that the quilts we made for Mother Emanuel will be on display at Quiltcon East 2017. Very exciting news.

JK Modern Quilt Camp will be taking place in a few short weeks at Camp St. Christopher. Start packing and getting ready. Kim will send updates leading up to camp.

Lynn mentioned that the Penland School offers quilting classes as well as other options and wanted to be sure the group knew about the school and the opportunities there.

Community Service

Geri asked to see the quilt designs everyone was asked to bring in for the Charity quilt. Only two were submitted, one by Marybeth and one by Illiana. They were awarded a fat quarter for participating. Geri said that we would accept designs at the next meeting also and encouraged everyone to participate.

The quilt for Pulse was brought in so that everyone could see the progress and also so that they could sign the signature block. The layers will be put together and quilted next.

Swaps and Challenges

The group swapped UFO’s that they were no longer interested in working on. About 8 members participated.


Phoebe asked the group to consider who we would like to bring in to teach in the future. She asked that everyone turn in three names at the next meeting.

Following show and tell the group watched a Modern Quilt Guild Webinar by Mary Fons explaining what a modern quilt is.

Show and Tell

Phoebe shared a Round Robin Quilt that she has been working on with a group of friends. It included blocks that she and Kelly made for another friend.

Cathy brought in her Elizabeth Hartman Whale Quilt. She also showed a Dresden quilt that will be in the Asheville show this year.

Illiana took on the challenge of scale and made a table runner. She also shared a throw quilt that she drafted the pattern for. Finally, she showed a quilt that she completed in one day.

Sandy modeled her newly finished Alabama Chanin skirt and shared blocks from her double wedding ring quilt and Swoon quilt in progress.

Amy told the group about the Community Indigo Vat, the Indigo Vat Shack and showed what she dyed at a recent workshop. The workshop that several members recently attended was hosted by a local designer, but the vat also has community days and you don’t need a reservation prior. You can dip in the indigo for $10 for a small piece. http://enoughpie.org/indigo/

Lynn B. showed off her Stargazer quilt in Dennis Schmidt’s fabric.

Alice shared her Meadow quilt which was recently quilted by Lynn C.

Tami told about the Featherweight workshop that several members attended in Fort Mill a few weeks ago hosted by the Featherweight Shop. She said that she has now cleaned both of her featherweights and that they are working great! Good news for those who were not able to attend the workshop, they also offer great online videos. They are also a great resource for supplies for your featherweight machines. https://singer-featherweight.com/

Geri also attended the indigo workshop and shared the lovely pieces she created with the group and talked about the designer as well.

Karen brought in a Lego block bag /mat that she made and also a quilt with 64 churn dash blocks.

Lynn C. shared her recently quilted double wedding ring quilt which was stunning!

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, August 23rd.  Don't forget to bring your show and tell! We'll be discussing our holiday projects and party.