Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 2012 meeting

It's the monthly reminder for this month's Modern Quilt Guild meeting!  The meeting will be held on Tuesday, 27 November at 6.30pm at the SMHA offices at 400 Hibben St in Mt Pleasant.  

A few pieces of business to discuss - 
1.  There will be no meeting in December since the 4th Tuesday falls on Christmas.  As much as I love you all (and I do!), I don't want to see anything on Christmas day except a wrapping paper strewn floor in front of a roaring fire place.  Since there is no fire place at the SMHA offices, we'll have to take a pass on December. . .
2.  For those of us participating in the block swap, please remember to return Tamie's block on Tuesday.  If you're not going to be at the meeting, please pair up with a buddy to get Tamie's block returned to her and to get your supplies for next month's block.
3.  And on that note, at last month's meeting, we discussed picking up two blocks at the next meeting (for Geri in November and Rita in December) and both of those blocks being due at the January meeting. 

I'll be out of town so will miss this month's meeting.  Hope you all have a grand holiday season and maybe find just a bit of sewing time. . .


Sunday, November 4, 2012

October 2012 meeting minutes

In attendance:  Phoebe, Tamie, Lisa, Kelly B, Pat, Jackie, Alice, Kelly M, Kim, Linda, Rita, Geri, Delynne, Karen, and Sandy.  New:  Brenda Curtis and Ginny Lunsford.  Welcome ladies.

Tamie:  Ellison Lane Quilts is hosting “Sew South” in Charlotte, North Carolina March 21-24, 2013 for 50 people.  Registration opens tomorrow.  For more information:

Linda:  Quilters of South Carolina Spring 2013 Meeting (February 23, 2013) will be in Hilton Head.  The speaker/teacher will be Carolyn Taylor.  You need to be a member of QSC to attend.  For more information:

Kelly B:  If you didn’t know has co-author a book with Andrea Johnson, “Modern Designs forClassic Quilts” which you can purchase through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  She edited and is in “Sew toSwap” by Chrissie Grace.  She will be going to Houston, TX for the International Quilt Show/Market with her publisher  10/27/12-11/4/12.  Get the books - they are wonderful.

Kelly M received 16  blocks and two more on the way from the quilt swap. 

Block Swap:
Our second block swap belongs to Tamie and we will be making a Granny Square.  We each will receive an email with a tutorial on how to make the block and samples of color variations.  She gave us 2 ½” squares of white for the background and you will use fabrics from your stash.  Tamie wants a high contrast in colors.  She wants it scrappy, so don’t use the same fabrics.  Don’t use black, gray is fine.  Do not trim blocks as in the directions-Tamie will cut the blocks to size.  Bring your blocks next month. 

Geri  will be the next person in our block swap.  She will give us the pattern at our next meeting, but it will be due January 2013.  We will double up on blocks in the January for the block swap for the December & January people and due at the February meeting.

Next month bring other ideas of other projects that the guild could be working on in addition to our block swap. 

Show & Tell:
Alice - Lone Star quilt & tuffet

Kelly B - Secret quilt so no posted pics  : )

Jackie - Flamingo pillow & T-Shirt quilt.  I missed getting pics of this one. Sorry Jackie!!

Ginny - Online mystery quilt

Pat - Ricky Tims’ Convergence quilt.  Also reminded us about Tabby’s Fiber Art Exhibit in Beaufort this upcoming Saturday.  She visited a new Modern Quilt shop in Hendersonville, NC - Beginnings Quilt Shop, telephone 828-693-6622.

Sandy - Quilt and LOVE letters

Kim - Tuffet

Brenda - Halloween quilts

Lisa - Redwork gates from her original designs

Rita - is working on a BOTM program for People, Places & Quilts with a modern flair.  Also offered the use of her Accu-Quilt Go cutter machine.  The block she showed was a version of a drunkard’s path.  It was mentioned that using a “Curve Master Foot” which fits any machine is great for sewing curves (you can purchase online with Amazon).  I missed getting a picture of this but you can see her cut blocks in Lisa's picture above.

Phoebe - Quilt for Halloween party photo backdrop.

Our next meeting will be November 27, 2012 at 6:30 pm.  We will make a decision about the December meeting (the fourth Tuesday is 12/25/12).