Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 23, 2015 Minutes

Committees were asked to meet prior to the meeting.  Following committee meetings, the general meeting was called to order.  Door prizes were given to Cathy (a pattern) and to Jackie (a fat quarter), generously donated by The Cloth Pocket. 

  • Quiltcon registration begins June 25th
  • Members can view any past MQG webinars, as well as previous quilt patterns of the month on the MQG site here.
  • Please remember to wear your name tags; if you have not made one, please make one!
  • The next meeting (July 28, 2015) will be a shorter meeting because the executive board will meet immediately after the meeting. The full membership is welcome to attend the executive board meeting.
  • Eleven members attended sew day and 5 quilts were started for charity projects.  
  • There will be no sew day in July or August.  
  • Stitch and Sew will have a big 25% off sale on July 17th and 18th.
Committee Updates
  • Programming: There are still spots available for Lizzy House classes; members, please help get the word out.  As time gets closer, programming will be asking for members to help with specific items.  Lizzy House class supplies lists will go out shortly (UPDATE: sent on 7/1/15).
  • Swaps—Scrap bags were exchanged for Holiday Party swap; several empty bags were swapped for members not present who wanted to participate (please ask Kim for your partner's name if you weren't at the meeting and asked to participate).  Next month's swap be Christmas
  • Community Service— The Cobblestone Guild will be making and collecting quilts for the families who lost someone in the AME church shooting; they are asking for blocks or completed quilts in the church colors of evergreen, cranberry, black and white.  Our guild will be creating a signature quilt for the church. We'd love quilters from around the world to send in a siggie block for the quilt. Phoebe has written a post with all details.
  • Geri asked members start to make square in a square blocks in any size and bring those in for ongoing charity quilt projects (this is a square with sashing, not an economy block). 


Alice did a demo on big stitch quilting. She uses pearl cotton or 12 weight thread for this.  She pointed out that the shorter your needle is the shorter your stitch will be; look for the biggest eye you can.  She also recommended using John James self threading needles.  She showed how to do a quilters knot for those who didn’t know.

Show and Tell

The following quilts were all made using "Score 5" from Sherry Lynn Wood's book The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters during the June Sew Day. All will be finished and donated to a charitable organization.

Phoebe's ball jar koozie!

Alice's drunkard's path Eye Spy quilt

Alice's "Score 5" Heather Ross quilt
Jackie's "I Love the '80s" zipper pouch swap item

Jackie's mini for the Superhero Swap
Kerri's amazing in-progress crochet project
Lynn's "Score 1" improv quilt

Lynn's "Score 5" double gauze quilt

Lynn's Scrappy Flag Quilt

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, July 28, 2015. There is no Sew Day in July. For directions or more information, email

Friday, June 26, 2015

Quilt for Mother Emanuel

The Charleston Modern Quilt Guild is collecting blocks to be assembled into a quilt for the Emanuel AME church to show our love and support for their members.  Requested blocks are simple brick style and measure 3.5” tall by 6.5” wide (to finish at 3” x 6”).   Please make sure all text is inside the 3” x 6” area.  Each block should prominently show the maker’s city and state – or city and country! – and the maker’s name. Recommended pens for fabric are Sharpies and Micron, but most permanent markers would likely work.  Blocks should be a single piece of fabric and in a solid or print that reads as a solid.  The location and name of the maker should be clear and easy to read.  Completed blocks can be mailed to Charleston Modern Quilt Guild, 
PO Box 723, Sullivans Island, SC 29482.  Requested deadline for receipt of blocks is 
August 1.  We thank all of you in advance for your help in making this quilt happen!

And thanks to Gina Pina of Austin, TX for allowing us to use pictures of her amazing quilt as inspiration!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

May 2015 General Session Minutes

President, Kelly, called meeting to order.  Our two guests, Mary Beth and Mary Kate introduced themselves.  Mary Beth just learned to quilt and was taught by member, Geri, and has already completed two quilts.  Mary Kate has been quilting for 10-15 years. 

  • A 2015 calendar of guild dates was sent out to membership via email to help with planning, but there will be updates from time to time.  The next updated calendar will be sent out next week.  
  • The July and August Sew Days are cancelled because of Modern Quilt Camp and Lizzy House visiting.
  • In lieu of the October Sew Day, the group will meet in Marion Square on October 17th for the Farmer’s Market for breakfast and to hang out and get to know each other better.  Phoebe will bring her quilt frame so that anyone that would like to photograph their quilts can do that also. Please bring your quilts to picnic on, if you'd like. Family and friends are welcome to join!
  • Kelly asked for a show of hands to see if everyone was receiving the emails from the national MQG and everyone was.  
  • Kelly announced that the next Quiltcon agenda has been released with many great classes and instructors/lecturers.  So far, Phoebe, Sandy and Lynn plan on going in 2016. Kelly reminded the group that even if you do not go, you can still submit a quilt to the show. 
  • QuiltCon registration will begin on June 25th.  
  • Reminder that the MQG will hold a webinar on June 11th on the in's-and-out's of juried quilt shows.
  • A quilt guild in Columbia needs a speaker next July on modern quilting and asked if anyone from our guild would be interested in doing this. 
  • Door prizes: Natalie Barnes donated a copy of her new book, A Modern Twist, and we gave away 1 fat quarter from The Cloth Pocket. Congrats to the winners!


  • Lizzy House will be here teaching her Meadow Quilt on two days and .  This is a pattern that you cannot buy—you can only get it by taking Lizzy's class.  Kelly shared the Meadow Quilt she made after going to Lizzy’s workshop at Quiltcon.  Kelly started a Pinterest board for the group to help with inspiration and planning for this project.  
  • See the "Upcoming Classes" page on this site for more info on the classes and how to sign up. Supplies lists and driving directions to come.
Sew Day

  • Geri talked about the next sew day, scheduled for Saturday, June 20, 2015, and passed out instructions and fabric for the project.  This will be a day to sew charity quilts in small groups based on a score from Sherry Lynn Woods' new book.  There will be four teams and the guild is providing some of the fabric.  Between now and then, you will pull fabric to add to this.  Bring your own sashing in two different colors.  Two examples are below.
  • If you would like to participate, but didn't sign up at the meeting, email and as to be assigned to a team. Your team-mates will catch you up before the sew day.


  • Alice and Kim distributed the rainbow charms that the group swapped.  Swappers are asked to make something with their rainbow charms and bring the finished project to the September meeting. Participants are eligible for prizes.
  • Carol introduced the June/Holiday Gift swap.  To participate, bring a Ziploc bag of fabric and embellishments to swap at the June meeting. The person who receives your bag will use it to make a mini quilt, which you will get back at the Holiday party. 
Tips and Tricks

  • Kelly shared a pixel quilt she made of Ron Swanson which is a free pattern by Happy Zombie.  Kelly used a leave-in stabilizer for this, but noted that it makes for a stiff quilt.  She will be using it for a wall hanging, but if you intend to use the quilt keep this in mind.  The leave in stabilizer has a grid which makes the project easier. 
  • There are several websites that will help you pixelate an image.  
Show and Tell

  • Debbie shared a sew together bag she made, as well as her "ugly fabric challenge" project— two fabric buckets.  She also shared a crab quilt she made in a pineapple style pattern.  Then she showed a bag she made with blue strips of fabric. 

  • Cathy shared a tip in Bob Harper's book, Skinny Habits.  He says that quilting helps put anxiety into a different perspective.  
  • Linda Ambrose mentioned the Quilters of South Carolina retreat in October which is available to all quilt guilds in SC.  There is a $20 membership fee with a meeting in Spring (March) and the retreat in October at the White Oak Convention Center outside of Columbia.  The cost for the retreat is $210-270 for room, board and classes Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday morning.  Sunday July 17 at 2 pm is electronic registration.  If you register, let Kelly know. 
  • Susan Clark shared an improv quilt that she called “slightly out of my box.”  She asked for ideas on how to quilt it. Group suggested varying width lines.  This quilt was made in Geri’s class.
  • Carol shared a sew together bag she made with robot fabric, as well as her "ugly fabric challenge" project— a fabric bowl.   She also shared a work in progress from the book The New Hexagon.  She is on the first of 12 rosettes and is doing it as a quilt along.  It is English paper pieced.  

  • Keri found a paper cut of a tree and decided that she will make a quilt to mimic it. She will use low volume for background and the tree will be dark.  She also shared a crochet project that she is doing as a crochet-along, stitched in a medallion style.
  • Kim shared her ugly fabric challenge—the openwide pouch by Noodlehead (medium size).
  • Mary Beth (guest) showed her Trip Around the World quilt she made with Kaffe fabrics and a baby quilt she made for her nephew.

  • Geri showed a baby quilt she made using Heather Ross and linen fabrics and also her WIP, an Alabama Chanin tee shirt.

  • Amy shared a quilt top she made as a pattern tester for Crafty Planner, the Rainbow Cross, using Botanics by Carolyn Friedlander.  She also shared what she started in the Jen Kingwell workshop she just attended.

  • Kelly shared her queen-size Color Dive quilt, a pattern by Anna Maria Horner.  She also shared a new pattern release from Rebel Craft Media - The Modern Flag Quilt.  She also showed a cell phone mini that she made and that is in the latest issue of The WhipperCrafter.  Finally, she shared her quilt top using Lori Holt’s pattern Quilty Fun.

  • Phoebe shared two zipper bags she made for the ugly fabric challenge using the dumpling pattern. Then she shared the Preppy the Whale quilt she made for her nephew and a stuffed Whale (Wallace the Whale pattern). Finally, she shared two fold overclutches she made using leather.  

  • Sandy made a tool apron for the ugly fabric challenge and added thrifted jeans to complete it.
  • Jennifer shared a tree quilt she made up on her own. 
  • Lynn was not there, but her pillow for the ugly fabric challenge was!
  • Alice showed off her Trip Around the World quilt and also her Green Tea and Butter Beans quilt designed by Jen Kingwell.  Her ugly fabric challenge was a Japanese knot bag. 

The winner of the ugly fabric challenge was Kim and she won a Cotton and Steel fabric bundle.

Kelly closed the meeting.


NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, June 23, 2015.
Are you a newcomer? Email for the location!