Wednesday, September 11, 2019

August 2019 meeting minutes

Charleston Modern Quilt Guild
August 27,  2019

Business – Jenifer opened the meeting at 6:30pm,  welcoming 26 members and 1 visitor.

AQS Presale tickets – Payments were taken by Tamie and tickets can be picked up at the Sew Day Sat. Sept. 21 or at the meeting Sept.  24.  Contact Whitner if you are not able to pick up during these times.

Special Event – Anticipating a weekend visit from Timna Tarr in the Fall of 2020,  the schedule includes one day filled with the Designing with Flying Colors (2-3hrs) and Map Quilts (3hrs) classes.  The members present voted on potential classes to fill the second day. Strung Along received 8 votes, The Stitch Mosaic came in second with 7 votes, and Map Making with Fabric received one vote.  There was interest in a proposal by Lynn C. to see if Timna has a  two day class or combination that allows for more in depth instruction and completion of projects.  Lynn C. will report back on her findings.

Charity – The next Florence Crittenton Sew-In is Wed. Sept. 11 and we will be sewing baby blankets.  The kits have been provided by Kim and we just need helpers and sewing machines!  Contact Connie if you are able to help!

Programs – We may have an increase in the number of visitors at our next meeting due to the AQS Show which starts the next day.  Please carpool if possible or park at the Granary building next door.  Next month’s program is a WIP!

Swaps and Challenges – GREAT JOB!!  Two-color Quilt Challenges were shown for the evening program.  We had wonderful quilts with lots of variety and creativity on display!!  We met the required number of quilts to submit to AQS for potential exhibit at their AQS Show Charleston 2020.  Kim, Connie and Karyn will be taking pictures of the quilts on Sat. Sept. 14 at Connie’s home.  Quilts can be picked up at Wild and Wooly Wednesday Sept. 18 or at the September meeting.  Thank you to all who participated.

QuiltCON 2020 Charity Quilt Challenge
The members voted not to participate in the MQG Charity Challenge this year and to instead donate the money that would be used to a local charity.

Other Stuff
·      AQS Ticket payments due to Tamie
·      Volunteer for AQS show and receive same day entry to show
·      Amy S. teaching EPP at Oct. meeting.  Guild will provide paper templates. If you prefer to purchase acrylic templates contact Bev.
·      NEW Show and Tell Forms (at sign in table)
·      SIGN UP for Member Trunk Show (3-4 quilts to share your modern quilt journey at meeting of your choice – sign up table)
·      CMQG Tote Bags available ($30)
·      American Patchwork & Quilting Stripes Quilt Challenge!  Judging at QuiltCON (up to $1000 award).  Pieced stripes,  Striped Fabrics,  single/multiple.  Deadline Nov. 30,  2019.  Details at

Show and Tell
Jean shared a quilt she completed from a kit.
Lynn B. finished the quilt top she was so industrious in making at Quilt Camp.
Our friend Cathy is a very industrious sewer and knocked this complicated quilt out in a flash!
Angie also finished the quilt top she was making at quilt camp.
Rick performed a slice and dice on the jelly roll quilt he brought in last month and shared this fun quilt top.
He also brought in his first t-shirt quilt made for a friend after the passing of his husband.

Aug.  29:  MQG Webinar:  Graphic Designer Guide to Quilt Design
Sept.  11:  Sewing with Florence Crittenton
Sept.  14:  Photographing of Two Color Challenge Quilts for AQS Quilt
Sept.  21:  Sew Day
Sept.  24:  CMQG meeting
Sept.  25 – 27:  AQS Quilt Week  (North Charleston,  SC)
Oct. 22:  CMQG meeting – Program = EPP with Amy
Nov. 12:  CMQG meeting ** two weeks early due to bank room conflict and Thanksgiving week **
Nov. 13:  Florence Crittenton
Nov. 16:  Sew Day
Dec. 8:  Holiday Party Lynn C.’s house
Feb. 20 – 23:  2020 Quilt CON (Austin,  TX)

Friday, August 2, 2019

July 2019 meeting notes

Business -   Whitner opened the meeting at 6:38pm,  welcoming 24 members and 3 visitors.

By-Laws - The CMQG members present accepted the updated By-Laws by a majority voice vote.  A copy will be sent to all members via e-mail.

AQS Pre-Buy Tickets – Whitner will send out the Sign-Up to gauge interest in pre-buying show tickets.  We need at least 25 per group to get the reduced price.  Please sign-up if you are interested!

Treasurer’s Report – Tamie presented the Mid-Year Report based on the activities of the Guild in 2019.   If you are interested in the report contact Tamie and she will be happy to provide you with a copy.

Special Event – The Guild has contacted quilt artist Tinma Tarr to invite her to teach in the Fall of 2020. ( 

Charity – Connie reported that the Charleston Animal Shelter was very happy to accept the pet blankets and sent a thank-you letter to the Guild.  The July Sew-In with the women at Florence Crittenton was a rousing success!  With so many members lending a hand everyone was able to make a bag and even make some for the counselors.  Thank you to all who were able to make this such a great experience!  September 11 will be the next scheduled Sew-In and Peggy will have those details next month.

AQS Two-Color Challenge – Quilts are due next month at the August 27 guild meeting!  They must have a HANGING SLEEVE and a SEWN NAME LABEL (Name, Address, Phone Number,  Title of Quilt) ON THE BACK  following the AQS specifications.  Check your guild e-mails from Whitner for the attachments that have this information!  Kim and Connie will be accepting the quilts at the August meeting and taking them to Connie’s house for professional photographs. If you would prefer to bring your quilt to Connie’s they will email you to pick a time on September 7,  2019.   **There will also be a short google form to fill out for your AQS quilt BEFORE the August meeting.  It will come via e-mail,  to be filled out online.  This information will go straight to Kim.

Christmas In July – Pincushion Swap – The colorful pincushions below were sewn and swapped!  Thanks to all who participated!

QuiltCon 2020 Charity Quilt Challenge – Three quilt proposals were presented to the guild.
1.    Reflect – Connie
2.    Inclusivity – Lynn C.
3.    What is Modern Quilting? – Whitner
4.    Make and Donate a Quilt to a Charity that we choose
Members will be able to make their selection via e-mail voting so check your inbox!

Program - Charlene and Bev provided all the instruction and materials needed and we made pin-cushion rings. 

Other Stuff
·    Amy will demonstrate Lucy Boston English Paper Piecing for the Oct. program.  If you would like to purchase acrylic templates to use in place of the paper ones the guild is providing see Bev.
·       Member Trunk Show sign-ups with Elaine
·       CMQG Totes still available
·  American Patchwork & Quilting Stripes Quilt Challenge:  Judging at QuiltCON2020 (up to $1000 award)  Pieced stripes,  striped fabric,  single/multiple.  Deadline Nov. 30,  2019
·    Check out all the quilt entry categories for QuiltCON 2020 at the above link!!

Show and Tell - 
 Alice brought in this cute Apple Core Beach Babes wall hanging.  
 Charlene shared two quilts - this Meadowland quilt with Charleston fabrics,
 And this Flower Tile quilt made with Cotton & Steel Fabrics.  Both patterns are by Then Came June.
 She also shared a sweet mini quilt.
 Visitor Michele brought in a few quilts to share.  This pineapple quilt featuring Tula Pink fabrics was lovely.  
 Michele also had a quilt she'd made with some chenille fabric she'd bought at a show.
 Finally she shared a simple but pretty floral quilt.
 We love that Connie has been bitten by the paper piecing bug. She shared this AMAZING flying geese quilt inspired by a trip to Hawaii.
 She also made this great tree paper pieced mini that we all want to make now.
 Cathy shared yet another whopper quilt in lush colors.
 Rick described this strip quilt as "ugly" so promptly went home and cut it up.  Can't wait to see what he brings to next month's meeting!
 Jenifer brought in a bright, geometric quilt.
 Irene shared a quilt she made from a class she took at last year's NC Quilt Symposium with Gyleen Fitzgerald.
 As if the back of Lynn's quilt weren't lovely enough...
 but the front was even lovelier.  She made this one for a new baby named Leo.  
 Delynne brought in "Fizz Pop", the heavies quilt of the night.  Pattern is Pine Star by Racheldaisy.
Phoebe finished the quilt she started in our Sherri Lynn Wood improv curve class.

August 22-25 : Modern Quilt Camp (Camp St. Christopher)
August 27 :  CMQG Meeting (AQS Challenge Quilts due!)
Sept. 7 :  Photograph AQS Quilts
Sept. 11 :  Sewing with Florence Crittenton
Sept. 21 :  CMQG Sew Day
Sept. 24 : CMQG Meeting
Sept. 25-27 : AQS Quilt Week (North Charleston, SC)
Oct. 5 :  MQG 2020 Charity Challenge Sign-Up Ends
Oct. 22 :  CMQG Meeting
Nov. 30:  Quilt CON Quilt Entry Closes
Feb. 20-23:  Quilt CON (Austin TX)