Thursday, September 15, 2016

August 2016 meeting notes

Lynn welcomed the group and asked guests to introduce themselves.  Marie is an avid sewer, but just started quilting again.  Mary Kate has been quilting for 16 years, but says she is a bad quilter.

JK Modern Quilt Camp
Lynn announced that JK Modern Quilt camp will be the last week in August next summer, August 25th-27th.  Applications were distributed.  At this time, camp is only open to members of the Charleston Modern Quilt Guild.

Geri announced that the Pulse quilt is ready for quilting and the next item to work on is the QuiltCon Charity quilt.  The QuiltCon quilt will be the focus of the October sew day scheduled for October 15.

Geri told about a shelter she has been working with called the Magdalene House in Summerville.  The shelter is for women who have been involved in the sex trade.  She has been teaching them how to sew, so they can make and sell items.  She will be holding a class at PPQ to teach them sewing skills and said that anyone that would like to help with their projects is welcome.  

Swaps and Challenges

Swaps & Challenges for September 2016
We will have a lot going on at our September 2016 guild meeting.  First, we will be swapping gadgets.  Do you have rotary cutters, sewing/quilting gadgets or rulers that you never use?  Your trash could be someone else’s treasure.  Bring your item(s) to our meeting and the same rules apply that were used for the UFO swap.  If there isn’t something there you want, you don’t have to take something home, but if you item is still there at the end of the meeting, it will go back home with you.

For a last hooray – we will draw names at our September guild meeting for the holiday party swap.  This year we are all making an Undercover Maker’s Mat ( for each other.  You can get the pattern free from (

You will provide the two 20” x 23” panels (one for the front and one for the back) or ¾ of a yard of one fabric.  We will draw names at our next guild meeting.  You will make a Maker’s Mat with the fabric provided and by adding to it from your stash of fabrics and trims.  At our Holiday party we will complete our exchange.  If you are not able to be at the September meeting, please send your fabric with a friend. 

At the September meeting bring your gadget to swap and fabric which will be placed in a bag for the drawing.  If you have any questions, contact Kim.

Lynn asked the group who they would like to see teach and asked everyone to write down their choices and hand them in. 

Sew Day will be September 17th.  Please let Lynn know if you will be there.

Show and Tell
Lynn- Each year on vacation Lynn helps her family members make a quilt.  This year they made house blocks.  Each member designs and selects the fabric and Lynn helps them sew it.  Pictures can be seen below on the TV screen in the background of Delynne's picture.

Phoebe finished her Amy Butler Weekender bag and an improv quilt using Carolyn Friedlander fabric.

Delynne showed a table runner she made using Modern Handcrafter’s hexie technique.

Kim finished her swap quilt that was started in 2013.  It was quilted with an art doodle and the pattern was a wonky log cabin.

Susan shared her purple star quilt.

Sandy told the group about the Uppercase magazine and how much she uses it for inspiration and also the magazine Machine Quilting which has unlimited recommendations.

Amy shared her completed Meadow top and her City Sampler blocks.

Kelly showed the group her Ron Swanson quilt, a traveling quilt her friends made for her and her City Sampler blocks.

Tamie said that her Swoon quilt is currently being quilted and told the group that she is going to a Sew Katie Did workshop while in Washington.

Alice shared a mini with tiny one inch squares, her Molehills quilt, String Quilt baby quilt, Airshow Baby quilt and Wonky Stars quilt made from blocks from JK Modern camp 2015. 

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, September 27th at 6.30pm.  All meeting are held at the Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union.  Doors open at 6pm.  Don't forget your nametag and your show & tell! See you there!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

July 2016 meeting minutes


Lynn went to visit the quilts that were on display during the 1 year anniversary of the unthinkable act that took place at Mother Emmanuel Church. The display included two made by the Charleston Modern Quilt Guild. Seeing the quilts on display and seeing how people were reacting to seeing the names and where the blocks were sent from and then realizing that the quilting was Amazing Grace inspired her to reach out to the Modern Guild and see if a display would be possible. Lynn announced that the quilts we made for Mother Emanuel will be on display at Quiltcon East 2017. Very exciting news.

JK Modern Quilt Camp will be taking place in a few short weeks at Camp St. Christopher. Start packing and getting ready. Kim will send updates leading up to camp.

Lynn mentioned that the Penland School offers quilting classes as well as other options and wanted to be sure the group knew about the school and the opportunities there.

Community Service

Geri asked to see the quilt designs everyone was asked to bring in for the Charity quilt. Only two were submitted, one by Marybeth and one by Illiana. They were awarded a fat quarter for participating. Geri said that we would accept designs at the next meeting also and encouraged everyone to participate.

The quilt for Pulse was brought in so that everyone could see the progress and also so that they could sign the signature block. The layers will be put together and quilted next.

Swaps and Challenges

The group swapped UFO’s that they were no longer interested in working on. About 8 members participated.


Phoebe asked the group to consider who we would like to bring in to teach in the future. She asked that everyone turn in three names at the next meeting.

Following show and tell the group watched a Modern Quilt Guild Webinar by Mary Fons explaining what a modern quilt is.

Show and Tell

Phoebe shared a Round Robin Quilt that she has been working on with a group of friends. It included blocks that she and Kelly made for another friend.

Cathy brought in her Elizabeth Hartman Whale Quilt. She also showed a Dresden quilt that will be in the Asheville show this year.

Illiana took on the challenge of scale and made a table runner. She also shared a throw quilt that she drafted the pattern for. Finally, she showed a quilt that she completed in one day.

Sandy modeled her newly finished Alabama Chanin skirt and shared blocks from her double wedding ring quilt and Swoon quilt in progress.

Amy told the group about the Community Indigo Vat, the Indigo Vat Shack and showed what she dyed at a recent workshop. The workshop that several members recently attended was hosted by a local designer, but the vat also has community days and you don’t need a reservation prior. You can dip in the indigo for $10 for a small piece.

Lynn B. showed off her Stargazer quilt in Dennis Schmidt’s fabric.

Alice shared her Meadow quilt which was recently quilted by Lynn C.

Tami told about the Featherweight workshop that several members attended in Fort Mill a few weeks ago hosted by the Featherweight Shop. She said that she has now cleaned both of her featherweights and that they are working great! Good news for those who were not able to attend the workshop, they also offer great online videos. They are also a great resource for supplies for your featherweight machines.

Geri also attended the indigo workshop and shared the lovely pieces she created with the group and talked about the designer as well.

Karen brought in a Lego block bag /mat that she made and also a quilt with 64 churn dash blocks.

Lynn C. shared her recently quilted double wedding ring quilt which was stunning!

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, August 23rd.  Don't forget to bring your show and tell! We'll be discussing our holiday projects and party.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

June 2016 meeting minutes

June 28, 2016

QuiltCon: There were issues with registration, so they closed the site down and it will reopen on Thursday.

Guest Instructor: Latifah Saafir’s visit was very successful.  We all learned new techniques.  Thank you to all who attended.

Charity: The next sew day is July 16th and we will work on a quilt for Orlando.  This will have a heart for all of the victims and all of the survivors.  Bring rainbow fabric solids or prints, but the prints need to read as solids.

Geri talked about the QuiltCon Charity Quilt and led the group in a design exercise.  The quilt needs to be a work on scale, so think about taking a traditional element and oversizing or under sizing it or even only using a portion of it.  She asked the group to come back to the next meeting with a design throwing in that we will be shamed if we come empty handed.  There will be prizes as incentive.  The group will choose from these designs for our group charity quilt.

She also reminded the group that we need to find a charity for the last QuiltCon quilt, so please give your ideas to the Charity committee.  There are also several other quilts ready to go to good homes. 

Tips and Tricks: Lynn showed the group Latifah Saafir’s trick for cutting bias binding. 

Swaps and Challenges: Alice passed around the challenge book so everyone could update their projects. 

Amy and Marybeth announced that the swap for next time is a UFO swap. 

Next meeting is July 26th.  Next scheduled sew day is July 16th.  

Show and Tell:
Jennifer shared heart blocks she is sending for the Orlando quilts.  She completed her Air Show quilt top from Latifah’s class and also showed a quilt that she made as a quilt along with sisters and sister in laws called the Lake Girls Quilt.

Keri joined the group for her last meeting before moving away.  She brought a recently finished quilt top of half square triangles out of solids and Kaffe Fasset.   She used Phoebe’s piecing tip from a previous meeting.

Geri shared her block from Latifah’s airshow class that will become a pillow.  She used a Moda fabric with a building print as the background.

Lynn C. shared her Air Show quilt top and also blocks from the Molehill class.  She improv pieced her arches and used her favorite fabric by Maze & Vale.Lynn also showed the group her completed double wedding ring quilt top in Carolyn Friedlander fabric.

Cheryl brought a quilt containing whimsical words she made for a challenge using black and white fabric to which she added orange.

Lynn B. finished a UFO she started last year for a Christmas Quilt.  She used a pattern in the Fat Quarter Book.

Carol shared heart blocks that she made.

Amy used a scrap pack from a recent trip to Purl Soho for her Air Show Quilt.

Iliana wanted to make a point to all of the members who don’t like to use scraps and showed three minis she made entirely from scraps.  She also shared two Hunter’s Star quilts one new one for a friend and one she made in the past.  She of course also made a mini from the scraps on the Hunter’s Star also.  She made a 4th of July mini and one from a Jeni Byer pattern and finally she finished her Molehills Quilt top as well.

Cathy announced that she is retired and now has more time to sew.  She showed a stack and whack quilt and a modified compass quilt that she will have hanging in the Asheville show.
Whitner a former member moved back and rejoined the group tonight. She showed off her Auburn Quilt made with crosses and hand quilted in Auburn colors. 

Alice shared a quilt she made because “when you get older and retire your husband gets interested in birds”.  She also made a Mickey Mouse pillowcase for Marybeth who is getting ready to go on a Disney trip.

Phoebe finished her molehills quilt top out of Cotton + Steel and also part of her No Latitude quilt made of African Wax Prints and linen.