Monday, August 31, 2020

Charleston Modern Quilt Guild

August 25, 2020


Business – Connie opened our sixth Zoom meeting at 6:33pm with 22 members attending.


Swaps and Challenges:  The Architectural Image Challenge for our guild is in progress.  Photos of your quilt and inspiration photo need to be sent to Whitner or Connie by Thursday October 22,  2020.  The quilts will be presented at the October meeting on October 27,  2020. 


Special Events:  The Trunk Show and Quilt Class with Timna Tarr for October has been cancelled.  Lynn C.  will try to reschedule her when travel is safe.  Treasurer Lynn B. will handle refunds for all those who have already paid.  Whitner reported that the deposit for Hobcaw Plantation has been moved to cover Tara Faughnan’s visit on Oct. 8-10, 2021. 


Sew Day:  Cathy hosted the August 15 Sew Day on Zoom,  teaching three more improv blocks for the guild sew along.  Everyone had a great time sewing and catching up with each other.  The next sew day will be Saturday September 19 9am – 12pm.


Charity:  Susan B. will be collecting the adult bibs,  walker and wheelchair bags for the Roper St. Francis Rehabilitation Unit and the baby quilts for the Lowcountry Infants in Need the week of September 13.  Call,  text or email Susan and she will come by your house and pick up your donations.  Remember to attach the Guild tags!


Show and Tell: Karen,  Rick,  Susan B.,  Peggy,  Jean,  Phoebe, 


Program:  Quilting in 2020 – Cathy presented the results of the guild survey questionnaire.  There were many good ideas and suggestions and Connie sent out the program notes in an email to the guild members.


September Calendar

Virtual Sew Along – Saturday September 19   9am – 12pm

CMQG Meeting – Tuesday September 22    6:30 – 7:30pm

Monday, June 29, 2020

Charleston Modern Quilt Guild
June 23,  2020

Business – Connie opened our fourth virtual Zoom meeting at 6:31 pm and by 6:40pm there were 24 members attending. 

Ten members were able to attend the first CMQG social distancing get-together at Rick’s home on Thursday evening June 18.  Being able to see each other and talk quilts was wonderful!  Thanks Rick!

Committee Reports
Charity – Susan B. has two great on-going charity projects members can participate in this year. 
1.   Roper Rehabilitation Unit : We are sewing wheelchair bags,  walker bags and adult bibs for individuals who find themselves dealing with a new disability or a life change.  Susan has made this so easy and fun. She will deliver a kit (fabric + pattern + CMQG label) or just the pattern + CMQG label to your door so you can use your own stash for the project.  We will make these items through August, collecting them the first week of September and turn them over to Roper.  Thanks to Alison, Jean, Elaine, Irene and Connie for working on this project.  There’s plenty of time to get involved so just call, text or email Susan and she will drop off a kit and pick it up when you are finished!
2.   Newborns In Need - Charleston Chapter:  We are sewing baby quilts (36” square up to 40” square) or donating blocks (9 1/2” unfinished) to make baby quilts for neonatal units.  If you would like to make quilts from the donated blocks get in touch with Susan!  The deadline for donating blocks is September 30, 2020.   Thanks to Karen W. for donating 2 baby quilts and for the blocks donated by Irene and Jenifer.  Nurses use the quilts to brighten up the NICU by using as a cover for the isolettes, dampening noise and light for the infant,  and then they go home with the infant.  Newborns in Need is a national charity and the local chapter in Charleston will distribute the quilts.  The members of the Charleston chapter make, buy, collect and distribute items needed for newborns who are born into poverty or who are born premature or ill.  More information is available online on their Facebook page, Newborns in Need – Charleston SC Chapter.

Swaps and Challenges – Whitner
1.   Community Outreach Quilt – Whitner is extending the submission deadline for  sketches for the QuiltCON Together 2021 Community Challenge Quilt until the July 28 CMQG meeting.  The theme for 2021 is CURVES and specific details are available in previous posts and on the MQG website.  The quilt will remain with the guild and we will send professional photographs to be included in the virtual quilt show if we decide to participate.  We can decide to donate our quilt or sell it with the money going to a selected charity.
2.   Charleston MQG Modern Challenge 2020 – Keep working on your architecturally inspired modern quilts!  Go to #chsmqg2020challenge for ideas and inspiration, check out the March meeting notes or contact Whitner for more details.  You can draw your inspiration from nature or human structures,  just remember to provide a photo of your inspiration with your quilt!  Due date is Oct. 27 meeting!

Virtual Show and Tell

Jenifer led the Show and Tell –
Irene,  Karyn,  Jean,  Jenifer,  Cathy,  Casey,  Carol,  Kim,  Kerry

Program – Finishing Your Quilt
1.   Glue Basting/Machine Binding – Amy presented details of this technique she learned at QuiltCON 2020. 
2.   Flat and Wide Bias Binding – Casey presented this technique for single fold bias binding to give a slim sleek profile for your binding.
3.   Big Stitch Binding and Facing – Tamie presented details on big stitch binding and the technique of using a facing if you do not want to have a traditional fabric binding edge showing on your finished project.

Amy, Casey and Tamie all provided helpful pdfs of their programs for members.

June 27 – Virtual Sew Half-Day with Jenifer – Zoom link will be sent from Connie to all members to join in from 9am-12pm.  Stop in anytime to say hi,  show what your working on, sew or talk quilts!

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Charleston Modern Quilt Guild
May 26,  2020

Business – Connie opened our third virtual meeting (Zoom) at 6:34pm with 27 members and 2 visitors.  Former members Colleen and Lisa joined us from RI where they have just opened a new quilt store,   Beyond the Bolt.  They will be offering online ordering starting in June!

Given the uncertainty about when we will be able to meet in person at our regular location,  Connie opened up discussion for ideas on ways for us to get together for sew days and programs for meetings.  Rick generously offered to host an outdoor Sew Day.  Another option would be a Zoom Sew Day,  including the technique instruction/Improv blocks Cathy and Tamie had started at the beginning of the year or just as an open Sew Day.  A virtual tour of members sewing spaces could also be used for a Zoom meeting program in the future.

The MQG has provided all guilds with a guide to Web Conferencing Best Practices which was reviewed by Connie.

Charity – Susan B.  has two charity projects members are encouraged to participate in. 
1.    Roper St. Francis Rehabilitation Unit   Wheelchair Bags (large or small),  Walker Bags or Adult Bibs - Susan has made up kits with fabric and patterns that she will deliver to your door,  no contact required!  Just email,  text or call her (check directory)  with your request! 

2.    Lowcountry Infants in Need – We are collecting 9 inch blocks made from cotton or flannel to be used in making quilts for the neonatal unit.  Nurses use the quilts to brighten up the NICU by cover in the isolettes and then they go home with the infant.  You can also make an entire quilt,  maximum size 40’X40’.

Swaps and Challenges 
MQG Community Outreach Challenge – The theme for 2021 is CURVES.  The colors available on the website.  At least two of the six chosen colors have to be used in the final quilt.  Whitner provided examples of many different quilts that incorporated curves.  Members are challenged to come up with design sketches for a twin size quilt (65”X85”) that use any kind of curves and send pictures to Whitner before the June 23 Zoom meeting.  We will vote on which design to use if we decide to participate.  This will be a group quilt so keep in mind how your design can be divided into parts that can be done by different members.  Details are available on the MQG website. 

AND don’t forget !  Our own Charleston MQG Modern Challenge 2020 – Whitner presented our 2020 challenge at the March Zoom Meeting.  Using architectural inspiration from nature or human-made structures choose an inspiration image and make a photo you can provide with your finished quilt.  For specific details and examples see meeting notes from March 2020,  go to #chsmqg2020challenge or contact Whitner for more information. Please use social media to explore ideas and keep us updated with your progress! Instagram is so great for that. Due date is Oct. 27 meeting.

Program – Members participated in a Quitler’s Quiz! 

Special Events
Tinma Tarr will be presenting a lecture (free for members) on Friday Oct. 9 and a two-day class on Oct. 10-11 ($225 includes lunch for both days).  We currently have 23 (lecture) and 18 (class) signed up.  Stay tuned for updates!

Tara Faughnan has been booked for Oct. 8-10,  2021.  Check out her website (  and Instagram page for a sneak peek at her offerings and mark your calendars

MQG QuiltCon Together 2021 – The MQG is going to a virtual platform for February 2021 and will not be taking place in Atlanta.  The catalog and class information will be coming out in June with member registration in July. 

Show and Tell
Our members have been busy with their great quilts. 

 Although we love making our quilts we love when our family members and friends wrap up in the quilt and feel the love we put into them. 

Calendar – Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday June 23 and Connie will send out any updates for guild activities.