Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Minutes for the CMQG Meeting on September 22, 2015

In attendance:                    
Kim, Alice, Sandy, Jenifer, Marybeth, Lynn C., Lynn B., Delynne, Jackie, Phoebe, Linda, Gloria, Geri, Debbie, Amy

Sandy open meeting to business:
·       Our President Kelly was absent tonight due to work commitments.
·       October 17, 2015 we will be meeting at the Farmer’s Market at Marion Square-downtown Charleston for a picnic/show & tell of our quilts on the lawn.  Geri’s daughter may come to do photographs for us.

·       JK Modern Quilt camp will be August 5-7, 2016 at Camp St. Christopher.  Please contact Kim or Jackie if you are interested in attending.

·       At our October 27th guild meeting our program will be Quilt Labels with Amy and Delynne will teach us Needleturn Applique

·       Due to upcoming holidays our November meeting will be on 11/10/15 and our December meeting will be our holiday party (date to come).

·       It is time to be thinking about our 2016 Officers/Board for the upcoming year.  If you are interested in serving please contact Kelly or Sandy to let them know of your intentions.  We are only as good as our membership participation.


The Cobblestone Quilters Guild Quilt Show will be March 4 & 5, 2016.  Application to enter quilts is in January.

Phoebe reminded us that the deadline to enter Quilt Con West is November 30, 2015.  Two of the Mother Emanuel AME quilts are done and 4 are in the process.

We had 7 ladies participating in our Rainbow Charm Square Challenge and Sandy won the challenge prize.  Tonight we drew names to bring fat quarters next month to that person in their favorite color.

All of the Rainbow Charm square challenge entries:


Show & Tell:
·       Alice-Mini quilt from the Sunday Lizzie House class, a Hexagon tablecloth, and a 1833 Shooting Star Quilt

 Amy-Give away from a quilters closet

·       Jackie-Princess Swap Mini


 Debbie: Fidget quilt
 Jenifer-Bag & Pouch
 Sandy: her one row from the Row by Row challenge - quilted
 Phoebe-Ipad Quilt Case.  It was the Idea Pouch by Michelle Patterns.  I reduced the size by 20% to make it work for my iPad Mini.  http://www.michellepatterns.com/product/idea-pouch-pdf-sewing-pattern

  Lynn-2015 Family Vacation Quilt and her Meadow Quilt from Lizzie House’s class in August.

·  Next guild meeting:  October 27, 2015 at 6:30 pm.  Doors open at 6 pm for open sew.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Minutes from August 25, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.

Lizzy House:
Lynn announced that there were still Lizzy House spots open for each of the workshops, Friday and Saturday at Lance Hall and Sunday at the Guild meeting location.  She said that she would like help with entertaining Lizzy while she was in town.  Phoebe will figure out what she wants to do and have some of the guild help.
Logistics:  Start at 9 am, so please arrive at 8:30 to unload etc.  Lunch will be from Verde, so please bring cash- around $10.

One guest, Ann, was in attendance and two guests from the past meetings joined the guild, Marybeth and Lynn.

Emanuel Quilts:
Phoebe, Amy and Geri went to Mother Emanuel to tell them about the quilts.  The church was very appreciative and asked the group to come to a service and present the quilts.  There were enough blocks for 6 quilts.  Geri and Lynn are quilting 4 of them and we still need volunteers for binding- Kim, Alice, Sandy and Debbie volunteered. 

Kelly thanked Phoebe for heading up this great project.

Quilt Camp:
Kelly and the guild thanked Kim and Jackie for the JK Modern Quilt Camp.  Everyone had an amazing time.  They said that they are already planning for next year!

Latifah, aka The Quilting Engineer, will be doing a workshop for the guild next year.  We were able to get this at a discounted rate through her Kickstarter program to get her line off the ground.  Here is a link to her, so you can see her projects. http://www.latifahsaafirstudios.com/

Leigh Magar, local milliner and clothing designer is holding an indigo workshop in September.  See attached flyer.  She is only taking 10 people, so sign up fast. Check out her facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Magar-Hatworks-Madame-Magar/136788303034313

Sew Day- September 19th:
Lynn will teach the Sailor Top by Fancy Tiger if enough people are interested.  You will need to get the pattern before class.  Please sign up so she knows how many people will attend. (NOTE: There was not enough interest, so it will probably be a regular open sew day.)

Swaps and Challenges:
Next month bring in your finished rainbow challenge item.  Everyone who participates will be entered into a drawing.  We played bingo for a fat quarter giveaway and Lynn, one of our new members won. 

Everyone brought in patterns to swap.

Show and Tell:
Phoebe showed her In Color Order drawstring bag, pattern by Jeni Baker.  She made it with Roller Skate fabric.  There is a free pattern on her blog (http://www.incolororder.com/2011/10/lined-drawstring-bag-tutorial.html), but you can also purchase the pattern which has more options.   She also shared a King size quilt that she made with Jay McCaroll's Habitat fabric using the churn dash block. 

Sandy shared her fish from one of the row by row patterns. She got it from the Quilted Corner in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Alice made a drawstring bag out of Elizabeth by Tula Pink.   

 She also made a mini quilt using the turtle she put in the group quilt for Quiltcon.

Then she showed a mini she made in Geri’s class using Sherri Lynn Wood’s book, The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters: A Guide to Creating, Quilting, and Living Courageously. (http://www.amazon.com/Improv-Handbook-Modern-Quilters-Courageously/dp/1617691380/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1441132577&sr=1-1&keywords=sherri+lynn+wood&pebp=1441132578216&perid=0092W4JXY597J50N20GX)
She also made a baby quilt for a neighbor using mini charms.

Linda reminded everyone of the Quilters of South Carolina (http://www.quiltersofsc.org/)  Pieceable Retreat happening October 16 -18 at White Oak. She expressed an interest in hanging the CMQG’s Lowcountry quilt.  She reminded everyone of the Cobblestone show in March.  She said that the Beaufrot show adds ribbons denoting the modern quilts, so they stand out. While we decided we probably do not want to add blue ribbons, we do think that we should offer to help at the show.  Geri said we should look at the Asheville show and see how they showcase the modern quilts.

Delynn shared the Print and Pattern Geometric Book which is not a quilting book, but has lots of great inspiration for quilters. http://www.amazon.com/Print-Pattern-Geometric-Bowie-Style/dp/1780674147/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1441131959&sr=8-1&keywords=print+and+pattern+geometric&pebp=1441131960855&perid=196V5NFXC9YG98K3GFDF

Debbie shard a set of fabric buckets with coasters and a scrap quilt she made.

Amy shared a mini made using Anna Maria Horner’s feather pattern and a work in progress of a Charleston map done Alabama Chanin Style.

Our next meeting will be on September 22 at 6:30 pm. Doors open at 6 for sit and sew.

Friday, July 31, 2015

July 28, 2015 Minutes

In attendance: Linda, Susan, Sandy, Carol, Phoebe, Tamie, Alice, Jackie, Keri, Kim, Amy, Gloria and new member Cathy

Guests: Carrie, Lynn and Matt

Kelly, our president, welcomed everyone and asked the guests to introduce themselves. Mark is visiting from NJ and is a quilter and friend of Kelly’s.  Lynn recently started to quilt again and wanted to see what our meetings were like to consider joining.  Carrie, Phoebe’s mom, is visiting from CA, and while she is not a quilter, she is a terrifically talented wood turner!

Massdrop generously sent some extra fabric to the guild, so three bundles of fat quarters were given as door prizes.  Tamie, Amy and one other member each went home with a bundle. Thank you Massdrop!  If you are unfamiliar with Massdrop check out their website at https://massdrop.com . They have great offers for quilters, for instance, there is a offer now for 9 half yards and 2 panels of the new Alison Glass Handcrafted fabric line. 

There was no sew day in July and will not be one in August due to Quilt Camp (Aug 7-9) and the Lizzy House workshops(Aug 28-30). There are still some spaces available in the Lizzy House workshops. Please see http://charlestonmodernquiltguild.blogspot.com/p/upcoming-classes.html for details or email charlestonmodernquiltguild@gmail.com if you have any questions.

The next meeting is August 25th from 6:30-8:30. Doors open at 6pm.

Someone contacted guild to see if anyone would like to give beginning quilting classes.  If you are interested, see Kelly.  Another person contacted the guild to say that they are cleaning out a house and found lots of quilting supplies.  If you are interested in this, please see Kelly. 

Committee Updates
Phoebe told the group that so far, 1484 blocks have been received for the quilt for the Mother Emanuel church quilt.  Almost all of the states are represented as well as 14 countries. Those states that we are still hoping to get blocks from are: Alaska, Louisiana, Montana, N. Dakota, W. Virginia and Wyoming…. Stitch magazine interviewed Phoebe about the quilt and it will be in the October Issue.  Phoebe has been keeping a database of all of the blocks received and a box with all of the correspondence.  Many people have asked to receive updates and this will help with that in the future. Phoebe shared a few letters from those sending the blocks with the guild. Amy will contact  the  church to discuss the preferred size of the quilts before we begin sewing.

Online swaps: Amy gave a great presentation about swaps and showed some of the minis and other items she has received from swaps.  She told the group that if they are interested to go to the Kerri of Berries blog (www.kerriofberries.com) for tips on being a good swapper.  There are helpful hints on what not to do… as well as some warnings about what can go wrong.  This is a good place to start. Amy said that she started swapping as a way to stay motivated to quilt and learn new things.  Every swap, she tries a new pattern or technique.  It is also a great way to meet new people and has met several of them in person now.  One of the biggest swaps on Instagram is the Schnitzel and Boo swap and signups for the fourth round of this swap begin August 1st.  If you are interested in finding out about swaps, Amy said she mostly learns about them through Instagram and people she follows.  There is an Instagram account that posts data on these swaps if you are interested it is @openquiltswaps. 

Swap: The Christmas in July swap of ornaments took place and Phoebe won the door prize of Christmas fat quarters.

Stillettos: Kim and Jackie held and arts and crafts session where they showed the group how to make a stiletto.  These were made with turkey lacers, beads and glue.  Very quick, easy and useful project.  And FUN!

Show and Tell: 
Jackie shared the mini she made for the Broadway Swap- a Grease inspired mini.  She also brought the mini she received for the Superhero swap and it was amazing- Wonder Woman stepping in gum.

Alice shared the new Simply Modern magazine that she found at PPQ and a quilt top she made with abandoned blocks from Keri.

Kim and Jackie showed off their latest t-shirt quilt. 

Lynn brought her favorite new apparel book called She Wears the Pants (http://www.amazon.com/She-Wears-Pants-Sew---Yourself/dp/4805313269/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1438369701&sr=1-1&keywords=she+wears+the+pants ).

She also brought the quilt her family made on their annual vacation together and shared this year’s idea for the family quilt. We all want to go on a family vacation with her!

Sandy brought a paper-pieced Trout block she started with a Row by Row pattern from The Quilted Corner in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Jennifer told us about going to Patrick’s in Covington, GA.  In this shop you can purchase Wolverine boots, candy, and fabric. 

Keri brought in a quilt top that she made using abandoned quilt blocks made by her great grandmother from family members clothes. This will be gifted to her mother.

Mark, our guest showed off a quilt he made for his friend, our president, Kelly.  The pattern is called Lava meets the Sea and is by Sara Cooper http://coopcrafts.com/2013/08/05/lava-meets-sea-half-square-triangle-quilt-with-tips-to-make-your-own/. This was the 4th quilt he made.

Kelly shared a Noodlehead Road Trip case (https://www.noodle-head.com/product/road-trip-case-pdf-pattern-2 )that she made. She also showed her Meadow Quilt for those who are planning fabric for the upcoming Lizzy House workshop this month. 

Carol brought in a baby quilt she finished in a few short hours and told that this would have taken days in the past.  She also showed off her publisher husband’s birthday quilt made with newsprint fabric.

Phoebe brought in copies of the Portfolio magazine for members because of an article on Quiltcon. Then she showed us her Small World WIP from the Jen Kingwell pattern.  This pattern already has some tiny pieces, but Phoebe reduced the pattern by 25% to fit a specific spot in her house.  She also let everyone know that there are some errata pages for the errors in the pattern available.

Kelly closed the meeting and started the Executive session.