Monday, January 28, 2013

January 2013 meeting highlights

In attendance:   Phoebe, Tamie, Karen, Linda, Brenda, Alice, Ginny, Kelly B, Rita, Jackie, Kim, Geri, Kelly M,  and Sandy.   New in attendance:  Welcome to Terrie, Catherine and Pat.

Phoebe passed out Madrona Road by Violet Craft for the Michael Miller Challenge.  You need to blog about your quilt and post to the flicker group.  The only fabrics you can add are solids and other Madrona Road prints.  

Block Swap:
Geri received 14 blocks tonight with two more on the way.

Our fourth block swap belongs to Kelly B.  She passed out two strips of fabrics to be used with your pale color fabrics.  We will be doing the Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks-which has hit a lot of blogs lately.  It started with a block on Bonnie Hunters website: .  The text print that we received needs to be in the middle of the block.  Directions were emailed to members.  If you did not receive them let Phoebe know.

Alice will be our next person in the swap.

New:  Rhonda from Tabby’s (quilt shop in Beaufort) has invited us to their quilt show in March.  They are looking for quilts to be entered into the show and if you have quilts that you wish to sell this is an opportunity for you.  Phoebe will email us details when she has them.

Show & Tell:
Ginny shared a new book, “Shape Workshop for Quilters”.
Catherine showed us her award winning quilts.

Alice finished her messenger bag, a pillow case, and her LOVE quilt.

Sandy is back from a retreat where she made a log cabin table runner.  She is also making a quilt for herself and husband, which she showed us a few of the wonky log cabin blocks that are finished at this time.  Also, some new linen fabric from

Jackie shared a new book, “3-Fabric Quilts”.
Geri received a new long-arm quilting machine for Christmas.  She is in the process of practicing and showed a quilt from her online class with Angela Walters.  She also shared a book with us, “Quilting for Peace” so that we might start making quilts and we can send it to our favorite cause.  Geri also has a quilt displayed in the Summerville Library.  Can you believe this is her first quilt from her long-arm machine?  We'll be keeping Geri busy. . .

Kelly M has put her Herringbone blocks together (she was our first block swap).  It just needs to be quilted.
Phoebe brought in her duffle bag-made from a Simplicity pattern.

Thanks to everyone in attendance!  Our next meeting will be February 26, 2013 at 6:30 pm.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 2013 (!) meeting

HELLO QUILTING PALS!!  I can't believe that I'm really typing 2013. . .

I hope you all had wonderful holidays and that you got lots of sewing done!  (As for me, great holidays - not so much sewing. . .)  I feel like it has been ages since I've seen all your happy faces so I'm happy to say  oit's almost time for the next MQG meeting!!  We'll be meeting next Tuesday the 22nd at 6.30pm at our normal location, 400 Hibben St in Mt Pleasant.  If you're participating in the block swap, please return Geri's completed block and be ready to receive instructions and/or fabric from Kelly B and Rita.  (Remember that two blocks will be due in February since we skipped the December meeting.)

Can't wait to see you all!!