Friday, October 5, 2012

September 2012 meeting minutes

In attendance:  Phoebe, Tamie, Kelly M, Pat, Jackie, Alice, Jane, Kim, Linda, Rita and Sandy.  New:  Kelly B and Delynne.  Welcome ladies.

·       Eleven of us visited Tabby’s Quilt Shop in Beaufort, SC on September 22, 2012 (our first field trip).  We met the Beaufort Modern Quilt Guild Chapter who was having a sewing day at the shop.  They have invited us to come back to visit and bring some show & tell to share with them.  The owner Rhonda is having a quilt show/exhibit next spring which we were invited to participate in.  You can sell your quilts during this show.  More information will be brought forward to our group once we know more.  Robert Kaufman has been asked to sponsor the show.  If you did not get the chance to go, take some time to go to this shop.   There was some great fabrics, patterns and the owner is the sweetest.
·       Discussed with the group in attendance whether the 6:30 pm meeting time is still a great time for everyone and we agreed to keep meeting at the same time.

Block Swap:
·       Our first block swap belongs to Kelly M. and we will be making a Herringbone pattern.  We each received a copy of the pattern and decided that we could email our patterns (to save the cost of copies).  She provided purple and black fabric for us to use in certain areas of her block.  Kelly asked that we NOT USE:  Batiks or Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  But you can use Amy Butler, David Butler, Denyse Schmidt, polka dots, solids and any modern fabrics.  You can make the stripe match going across or different on each side, but the purple and black need to be in the places which she told us.  According to Kelly the directions are easy and press your seams open.  Bring your blocks next month. 
·       Tamie will be the next person in our block swap.
·       A word from Alice:  “Don’t wait until the last minute to make your blocks.  Put all the care and love into each block that you'd want to go into your block."

Show & Tell:
·       Rita gave a demo on a new binding tool:  Cut Rite Bind Up (cost $9.99)   .  People Places & Quilts and Stich & Sew will carry this nifty tool.
·       Sandy showed us her new Japanese Quilt Magazine.
·       Pat has made her first modern quilt top-Squares in all sizes.
·       Alice show a new bag pattern and her fabrics purchased for it.
·       Jane is making a super-sized Shoo-fly quilt.  Also shared a Confetti quilt made of purple Bali Pops.
·       Phoebe showed a quilt which she won through an fundraiser.  It was made by Elizabeth Hartman.
·       Kelly M. showed a postage-stamp quilt made from a Denyse Schmidt book (her 2nd quilt).
·       Kelly B. shared her Swoon quilt with us-wonderful quilt using dark blue for the background.
·       Linda passed around her Keepsake Quilting catalogue which now carries a lot of modern quilt patterns.\

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, October 23rd at 6.30pm.

Pat's Modern Squares quilt
Jane's Super Shoo-Fly
Jane's Bali Pop Confetti Quilt
Kelly M's Pezzy Prints - her 2nd quilt!!
We were all "swooning" for Kelly B's Swoon.  (I crack myself up. . .)

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